About Our School

Letter from the Board of Directors

The results are in. Friendship Public Charter School students soar, consistently demonstrating significant academic gains across all grade levels. We are proud of our students’ hard work. Their tremendous effort is evident in rising test scores, high graduation and college acceptance rates, and numerous awards and honors.

Friendship seeks to be a truly effective system of public charter schools. We take seriously our responsibility to provide the best education possible to the students whose parents have chosen our school community.

On each Friendship campus, students benefit from innovative, research-based classroom instruction, 21st century technology, attractive school facilities, and an exceptional team of caring teachers, administrators, and staff.

Friendship’s formula for student achievement begins with early childhood and elementary programs driven by high academic standards that yield tangible results. We believe that every child in every classroom can learn if given the right supports, adequate resources, and caring educators. We are proud to report that students attending Friendship’s elementary campuses are raising the achievement bar by accelerating student learning.

Science, technology, arts, and college exploration define Friendship’s middle and high school programs. Our students participate in multinational robotics competitions and Advanced Placement® seminars and have access to college-preparatory programs, including the District’s first Pre-Early College and Early College programs. 95% of Friendship students graduate on time and 100% are accepted to college each year, most with scholarships in hand.

Friendship brings this record of accomplishment to the launch of Friendship Public Charter Academy Online (Friendship PCS Online).

We’re committed to bringing an innovative education model that allows us to tailor an education experience that is personalized to each learner. Our goals are for students to reach the highest levels of academic achievement and to build school community. When you enroll, you will partner with a committed team of experienced educators. D.C.-certified teachers and administrative staff will work with you to help assure the success of every child in the program.

We are excited for Friendship PCS Online’s future. We believe it is a profoundly good choice for families who are interested in becoming actively involved in their children’s education. We have an exciting year ahead, and we look forward to a rewarding year for all!

Friendship’s accomplishments are a resounding testament to the promise of public education. Our impact proves that urban public schools can be successful.

Committed in service to children,

Donald L. Hense

Chairman, Board of Trustees