Kindergarten And Pre-K

Curriculum That Shapes a Lifetime of Learning

The Friendship Public Charter School Online (Friendship PCS Online) makes learning fun with award-winning kindergarten and pre-K curriculum that introduces students to core subjects through engaging, interactive lessons.

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Friendship PCS Online students at the kindergarten and pre-K levels take courses in the subjects listed below.

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Kindergarten Curriculum

Our curriculum is rooted in the principles of how children learn, while the online school platform harnesses the power of 21st-century technology to make learning come alive. All courses are designed to help spark your child’s joy of learning—a joy that’s sure to grow with each academic year.

Pre-K Curriculum

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Embark is an award-winning pre-K curriculum created by a team of developmental psychologists and academics. It includes online and offline high-quality learning experiences and provides exposure to core subjects. Courses are highly interactive, with audio and visuals to help children follow along, and can be taken at a pace that suits each child’s learning.

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What does the online kindergarten experience look like?

Our online platform is designed to deliver engaging classes, support students, and keep things organized for parents. Young learners can access tools to help them become stronger readers, build skills through games, and recharge with their learning companion, Strider the Fox. Watch the demo videos to see how it works.

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Meet Demonty

Demonty is a kindergarten student building his confidence and growing academically with online school. His mom Janell wanted an option where she could be more involved as well as have the extra support to keep him on track. Demonty loves to explore outside, read books, and make friends while playing sports.

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Explore Our Course

*The K12 course descriptions are a complete list of the courses that K12 provides. While Friendship PCS Online offers a comprehensive selection of courses, not every K12 course is available to Friendship PCS Online students. Information on specific courses is provided upon enrollment. For details, please ask your Personal Admissions Liaison (PAL) during the enrollment process.